2018 Board of Directors

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Chad Duplantis - Commodore:  The Commodore is responsible for the welfare of the club; he/she will preside at all meetings. He/she shall be chairman of the board of directors. He/she shall appoint such other committees as are required.

Doug Goodhue - Vice Commodore of Training:  Vice Commodore of Training shall be responsible for the organization of training sessions. He/she shall assume the office of Commodore in the event of a vacancy.

Mark Owens - Vice Commodore of Racing:  The Vice Commodore of Racing shall be responsible for the general coordination and planning of the club racing schedule and races, sailing instructions, boat organization, and equipment. He/she shall order the trophies. He/she shall appoint a race committee.

Johnna Duplantis - Rear Commodore:  Rear Commodore is responsible for social events, which include cooking food after races, monthly socials and possibly a few extra events. He/she is also responsible for replenishment the supplies used at any of events.

Michelle Dial - Secretary:  The Secretary shall keep permanent records of all club meetings and activities. He/she will also conduct all club correspondence.

Brandy Crafton - Treasurer:  The Treasurer is responsible for the collection of all dues and any other monies due to the club. He/she will disperse any authorized club funds. He/she is also responsible for an itemized statement of receipts and expenditures covering the fiscal year.